1. Who can doubt that souvlaki is the most popular Greek street food? You can find it everywhere by asking the locals for the best souvlaki places. Original souvlaki is just meat cubes sticked on a long stick and grill on the charcoal fire. There is an argument about that between Southern Greeks and Northern Greeks. Original in Greek antiquity souvlaki called ‘candavlos’ and it was just sticked pieces of meats (where the meat was real rare to find). That way they could place the meat on the fire and grill it.
  2. If you visit Greece during the winter do not forget about the hearty greek soups. The traditional bean soup the well known ‘fasolada’ is considered to be our national dish together with moussaka. 
  3. The aforementioned Moussaka is perhaps the crown jewel of traditional greek dishes. The initial recipe included the eggplant and the meat sauce, the cream came much later, influenced by the French cuisine.
  4. The refreshing tzatziki yoghurt dip accompanies all kinds of dishes, from meat to seafood and vegetables.
  5. The famous Greek salad ‘Choriatiki contains every kind of vibrant vegetable you can find in Greece at summer, along with olive oil, our national treasure.
  6. Saganaki, deep-fried kefalotiri cheese with crispy golden crust is the perfect starter you can find everywhere in Greece, don’t miss to give it try. Find a traditional cheese shop, ask for the regions which are famous for its cheese production, and buy some ‘kefalotiri’ or ‘kefalograviera’ to take with you the take of Greece.
  7. Mediterranean vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and zucchini can also be filled with rice and meat and roasted in the oven to make a dish that encapsulates all the essence of the Greek cuisine, this is the well known dish named ‘yemista‘.
  8. Pies are a cornerstone of the Greek cuisine, made with a variety of crusts and savoury or sweet fillings like cheese, spinach and milk custard. Pies was always the food of the poor Greeks especially those lived in villages, they usually had some flour, olive oil and herbs, or cheese. They had to cook a cheap food in order to fill the family’s appetite up! Nowdays Greek pies is a top delicacy of Greece, and of course you can find everywhere endless variety of pastries and fillings.
  9. Juicy meatballs are another beloved greek food, usually made with beef and a broad palette of greek herbs and spices that give them an irresistible aroma.
  10. Zucchini balls are a wonderful Greek summer mezze, served with a yoghurt sauce or tzatziki and best enjoyed with a glass of ouzo!