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Food and wine tasting tours in Athens, Greece!

Experience the true vibe of Athens by joining us on a food tasting tour of the city that spreads across the historical city center and through Athens’s vibrant neighboring districts. We will lead you to the best traditional Greek restaurants, cafes and shops throughout the city that we have carefully selected for being run by local Athenians whose passion is to serve authentic and delicious Greek food, accompanied with the typical warm-hearted Greek hospitality. With Athens Food on Foot, you will have the chance to explore the captivating sights, have the opportunity to taste mouth-watering delicacies of the Greek cuisine and hear the stories that lie behind the classic Greek dishes.

We strive to personalize your introduction to Athens so we have carefully designed our food tasting tours to suit a wide range of guests. If you are a vegetarian enjoy our’ ‘Vegetarian food tour’ of Athens, that will present you with the abundance of delicious vegetarian options of the Greek cuisine. If you are a wine lover, then why not join us on our ‘Wine tasting tour of the city? Sip on a variety of fine Greek wines whilst discovering the dreamlike area of Plaka. Families will be more than happy on our ‘Kids and families food tasting tour’ where the whole family can get some fresh air whilst interactively learning about Greece’s culture together as a family. The kids will have a great time tasting delicious Greek foods and watching how they are prepared!

We provide a unique culinary experience by presenting our guests with only the real taste of authentic Greek cooking that uses fresh, local produce. Some of the delicious Greek foods you will be tasting include; the famous Greek yogurt, an enormous variety of olives, freshly baked bougatza, cheese pie (the Greek tyropita), creamy local cheeses, home cooked meals such as mousaka, gemista (stuffed vegetables) and freshly baked sardines and to finish each tour, our most popular stop Greek ‘mezze’, accompanied with raki and shared amongst family, friends and locals. And many, many more delicious Greek culinary treasures await you on each one of our Athens food tours! With a great variety of specially designed food tasting tours, we are sure you will find the perfect tour to suit you!

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Amazing experience

"I'm kind of a food tourist and always wanted to visit Athens and explore its hidden gastronomical treasures, so when the chance presented itself, I booked the ultimate tour of Athens, and it was worth every minute of my time! Anna is a great tour guide, but the tour itself didn't disappoint, either. We visited all kinds of traditional greek food stores, tasted magnificent greek goods and viewed many wonderful landmarks like the vibrant Varvakios market, ''Psyrris'' and even a traditional sandal shop. The tour ended befittingly with greek tapas and tsipouro, capping off an amazing experience! Don't miss it!"

Christina M


Wonderful tour

"I booked the kids' tour for my 10-, 13- and 15-year-olds and we all had a great time with Anna and Emily. She makes a point of venturing to the establishments that reflect the history of this amazing city. Such a fun way to explore. Plus, she referred us to a guide who made the Acropolis so engaging. Thank you for making our trip to Greece so special!"

Julia D


Hidden authentic food in Athens

"Enjoyed the food tour in the historical areas of Athens and found many hidden nice food such as Loukumades, Greek yogurt, meze, coffee... you can not miss it in Athens!"


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