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Averkios Vassalos

Licensed guide, English

Having studied History and Archaeology, the Greek history has always fascinated me the most. Τhus, I chose to become a tour guide in order to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with people who wish to learn more on this matter. Furthermore, Athens has a special place in my heart, and I consider traditional Greek food, of which Athens is more or less the capital, a cornerstone of one of the greatest civilizations, the greek one. To sum up, traditional Greek food is definitely something worth trying and learning about, so you should definitely come and explore this side of Greece with us!

Anna Tzogia


I was born in Thessaloniki, most famous for its tasty temptations of the Greek cuisine. I grew up surrounded by my family that had a mutual love and interest in food. I would often help my grandfather tend to his olive trees, assist in the preparation of the olive oil and wash the grapes, freshly picked that day from my Grandfather’s field. My grandmother from Pontos, carried all of the knowledge of the Eastern cuisine and she is still a fantastic cook, I learned a lot from watching her in the kitchen and passionately took note of all the family recipes. Very often I would fish with my father and spend evenings tasting the fresh sea treasures of the Greek waters. I would spend hours listening and learning about the different tastes and textures of each one. After being brought up with fresh foods and genuine experiences, whenever I travel, endeavors to find the local hotspots of that city. It’s invigorating to experience another culture so intimately, it electrifies all my five senses and ultimately I end up discovering the most delicious, traditional foods. I strongly believe that choosing good food is a matter of experience and now I strive to provide similar experiences to my clientele. I have spent over two years searching for authentic Greek restaurants, cafes and food markets popular with the local Athenians so that the tourists of Greece can feel the true Athenian vibe and eat the dishes that have been proudly passed through the generations.

Emily Downs

Tour leader, blog writer, English, German

Emily, born in Essex, England, is relatively new to Athens moving here just two years ago. After becoming a professional ballet dancer at the age of eighteen, she was lucky enough to visit places such as Japan, America, and many cities across Europe. Throughout her travels, her love for traveling, other cultures and different cuisines grew and she eventually made the decision to move to Athens and dive into the Greek culture directly. There she experienced at first hand the deliciousness of the Greek cuisine and fiercely started to educate herself on everything Athens. She is a keen cook and has even started undertaking the Greek favorites. She has experience as a food and travel columnist and also as a translator. She may not be a local Athenian, but with her people-person nature and foodie heart, she is a worthy Athens Food on Foot tour guide!